Lydia + Travis Engagements // Tony's Grove Utah // Shanda Call Engagements

For this engagement session we went up to gorgeous Tony's of my most asked for locations :)  And no wonder - it's a stunning location. 

Travis and Lydia are so tall!! I was looking up to these two during the shoot ;) haha! Not surprisingly, she played basketball and he played football professionally in college. I’m just a little 5 footer so they had well over a foot on me! Not to worry, I'm used to it. It's all about positioning and which lens to use to get the most flattering angles! We all had a good laugh every time I was standing next to them. 

Travis proposed next to a lake in the mountains. He reserved two rooms at a romantic resort and Lydia said,  “he made me sleep on the pullout bed because I lost in rock paper scissors, haha.” 

They had a fireplace and an amazing view from the room. They sat in the relaxing hot tub before getting dressed up and going down to the dinning room for dinner. After they finished eating, their waitress brought out a little s'more kit and they had scraped a path in the snow from the restaurant out to the back. In the back, they had prepared a fire in a fire pit for them to enjoy.

“It was January and cold but the fire made it perfect.” Lydia said. “The best part was that it was by a lake, under the stars and at the exact fire pit that we both said "I love you" at 5 months earlier.”

That trip was just for a Sunday walk- Travis had a lot more in store for this trip! 

“We sat by the fire and made s’mores. When it started to get just a little too cold, we stood up to go inside. Travis held my hands- because I almost put them in his pockets because it was cold- and he looked me in the eyes. He told me why he loved me and asked if I wanted to join him on a journey of a lifetime.”

See! He was looking for more than a Sunday walk, he wanted her for the rest of his Sundays and all the days in between! 

He knelt down in the snow under the stars and proposed to an elated Lydia. “It was so perfect!” she said, “I know it sounds cheesy… but it was honestly perfect.”

Congratulations you two!  Excited for your wedding day!