Miracles of Life // Kambria + Shiloh + Maelin

Having a baby can be exiting, joyful and peaceful; but it can also be emotionally difficult on some people. It can feel scary, unsure, and overwhelming, like it was for Kambria, who’s first baby boy came at 24 weeks. 

She had HELLP syndrome, which is a life threatening pregnancy complication- usually a variant of preeclampsia. The mortality rate of HELLP syndrome is reported as high as 25%, so it's critical for expecting mothers to be aware of their condition. They were not sure if her first child would survive.

Little baby Daxon was tiny, only 15.2 oz. He had cerebral palsy and they were unsure if he would ever be able to walk or if he'd be brain damaged if he did live. At 15, he is now learning to walk and doing well, and able to communicate with those around him. 

Kambria had his tiny handprint from birth tattooed on her wrist to remind her about the miracles that took place 15 years ago. 

Kambria got pregnant last year, after years and years of trying for another baby, and she was very excited, but also very nervous about how the birth would go, and if the birth and baby would have the same problems. Each month she carried her baby brought her a lot of peace. Every time she could hear the heart beat, it calmed her nerves. 

On the day she went in to have her C-section, she was so glad she was able to carry her baby to almost full term. She was about a month early, but her heart sounded good and strong. When they delivered her, she came out very purple and not breathing well on her own. 

Kambria's husband Shiloh hadn't had a new baby in over 20 years. He was nervous himself, but tried to stay as calm as he could to keep Kambria calm. The wonderfully skilled doctors got little Maelin breathing, and it was with a sigh of relief that she was handed to her dad. 

Shiloh was in heaven holding his first baby girl. Kambria was finally able to feel calm and excited for her baby seeing that everything was alright. 

Sweet baby Maelin was greeted by her grandparents and was surrounded by the love in the room!

Kambria was on cloud 9 holding her baby girl and taking it all in. Baby Maelin is already one VERY loved little girl.