Brittany + Kyle // Provo Engagements // Shanda Call

*Disclaimer - These tracks are NOT active tracks.  Please never never photograph on running active tracks.  

Brittany and Kyle are so good at being playful with each other. Their personalities go so well together that they can tease and joke and laugh together and completely enjoy each other’s companionship.

Like a lot of couples these days, these two are another example of finding love online! They both have the same religious views and goals and when they met they enjoyed being with each other. They fell in love after a few months and dated for a while before Kyle popped the question.  

Kyle is a goofball and Brittany has the cutest laugh you can imagine and I got to hear it a lot since he made her laugh so often! She is super sweet and he just loves to kiss on her. 

Just one example of how cute their relationship is… He asked her to marry him during a poker game he had planned with friends. He made her think it was a “welcome home” for his brother who had just came home from his mission. He dealt her a hand of pocket aces, and it came down to just Brittany and Kyle. When it was his turn to raise or make a move, he started playing with all his chips. She asked if he was going all in and he responded, “I’m all in babe.” When Brittany looked back up at the table she saw the box with a beautiful diamond ring sitting on top of a pile of poker chips. Brittany said, “It took me what seemed like forever to realize what was happening, when I realized… I said , "I am all in!!”

Kyle picked up the box, went around the table, got down on one knee and asked Brittany to marry him. “Obviously I said yes! We are super excited to be sealed for time and all eternity!”

Happy wedding day you two!  Can't wait to spend the day with you!