Albion Basin // Bridals with Ashton + Daniel

It was the first time I have ever had a father-of-the-bride join the first look shoot! Ashton and her mom were on their way to meet me at Albion Basin with a friend who was also coming. But unfortunately, the friend’s husband ended up having to go to the hospital (yikes), so they sent her to meet him with their car. Her dad ended up bringing her and her mom to the shoot. And I couldn't have been happier, they were all very fun to hang out with!

When she got out of the car and walked to him, he of course cracked a joke saying "Sorry I had to bring you all the way to the mountains to see you in your wedding dress. It was worth it though!" We all enjoyed a good laugh about it.  The scenery at Albion Basin was breathtaking. And it was windy- which if you have shot with me you KNOW I live for windy shoots.  

Her mom and dad were so kind and I joked with him about being the first dad at my shoots. He said “Anything for his only girl,” even if it wasn't quite his thing. I just love dads! They hold a special place in my heart.  Her mom runs the wedding dress shop Bridal Brillance Rentals she got her dress from, and it was an absolutely stunning dress! It fit her perfectly!  And her bouquet from  Dahlia Event Planning left me speechless!  It was breathtaking!

We ran from location to location, chasing light the rest of the night and enjoyed laughing together and looking at the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Ashton was so stunning and Daniel was so sweet with her. 

And did I mention he's super tall? Because, he is super tall. And then there is Ashton- just short petite and cute. Together though, side by side, they are perfect! I love it! I love that he has to lean down to kiss her, and that when she melts into him, he can just wrap himself completely around her. 

Second shooter : Dycie Leishman