Why should you hire a birth photographer


Why would you want to hire a birth photographer for such a private thing?  Birth happens so quickly, and everything leading up to it is such a bustle of excitement and adrenaline.  Often times this makes it hard to remember all that happened during the birth.  And believe me - you will want to be able to go back and remember those special moments, not the pain, or the exhaustion, but the moments your husband reached over and kissed your forehead when you were getting nervous.  The way he held your hand as you suffered through contraction after contraction.  The look on both your faces when the Dr. held up your baby.   These are moments I want you to have and be able to look back on and cherish.  Those memories and moments are so important.  I want to preserve how precious and real that moment was for you all.  

Questions I've been asked about birth photography:

Do I need to let my Dr know I am having a photographer come?
I recommend letting your Dr. know that you plan to have a photographer come, some Dr.'s get worried about having photographers just show up, but are more relaxed if they know ahead of time.  There are parts of the birth process that they ask not to have photographed, and I am aware of those moments and very respectful to not photograph during those moments or I will walk out of the room when I know those moments are happening. It's good to have a photographer who is aware of this when you are having someone document your birth story. It's also a good idea when you go into the hospital to let the nurse know that you have a photographer coming.

What photos will you be taking?
I know most people get really nervous that the photos are going to be all these private area photos. I promise to first and foremost respect you and your comfort level.  We discuss before hand what you would and would not like photographed. Some want every moment and detail recorded, while others are happy to have me stand at their head and capture all I can of the baby after it is delivered.  Your photographs will be shot documentary style, real moments, not posed, emotional details, and I promise to tell the story with each shot I take.  

What if I have to have a C-section?
You will need to clear whether or not you can have a photographer in the OR during the C-section with your Doctor/OBGYN.  Some will say yes and some will say no.  Your story can still be recorded with photos before going in, and after mom comes out of recovery.  I will be able to follow baby around after he/she is delivered and capture photos for mom to later see.  I often think having a photographer for a C-section (having had 3 myself) is so very important because you don't get the chance when having a c-section to follow baby after, or to record those memories yourself.

What if you don't make it in time-do I get a refund?
I have not missed a birth yet.  If you let me know the moment you are going into the hospital to have the baby, I will be there in time.  The rate is set because I am on call 24/7 for two weeks around the babies birth time. If I do miss the birth because of something on my end, I will refund 100%. If I miss it because I am not told in time to make it, there is no refund. I always have a back up photographer on hand in case something comes up and I am not close enough to make it.

When do I call you to come?
The week of your due date I like updates on how you are every other day.  When you go into labor I like a text and phone call to make sure I am aware of you heading in.  If the Dr. says it looks like things are progressing quickly I will head in when you are at a 6.  I stay until the baby is delivered and I get photos of mom and dad both holding baby.

Do you take payments?
Yes, over the course of 3 mths you can make payments, so long as the final payment is paid within 3 mths of the babies birth.  Images will not be delivered until final payment is made.

Do you share images on social media?
This is discussed when you first book your birth story session.  I do not post any photos on any social media outlets unless I have your signature saying you are ok with it. I will not post anything I do not have permission to post.

What kind of light is used?
I use natural light.  Because of how intimate and tender a birthing experience is, I find a flash is very distracting. I am experienced in shooting in low light.  If it is very dark, there may be times I will use a constant light source to light up an area so your images are good quality.

How many images can I expect?
Anywhere from 80-300 images.  I shoot as much of your story as I can capture. The lenghth of your labor determines how many images we end up with.  

Do I receive images in black and white or color?
I do a combination.  Some photos (the more graphic ones) usually look better in black and white.  But I love color photos and leave most of mine in color unless you request black and white.

Do I receive a DVD with my images?
I no longer offer DVD's. I will send you a Gallery link to download all your images.  You will have access to this gallery for up to 2 years.  You will be able to access your images from any computer and download them whenever you would like.  I encourage you to go through me to have professional images printed - I love and value professional quality printed images in frames.

How soon will I receive my images?
I try to send a couple images to you within 24 hours after I leave the hospital so you can share them with family and friends.  The rest of the images will be finished within 2 weeks of the birth.  

"This is one choice you will not regret.  It will be one of the best decisions you make, to record such an amazing time in yours and your child's life. The memories are priceless."

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