Welcome to Shanda Call Photography!


I'm excited to share my love and passion for photography with you!  I have a big WHY for my photography that I would love to share.  I have been doing photography for about 9 years now.  I first picked up a camera when my husband was deployed to Iraq for a year and a half and I was pregnant with our first baby.  I wanted to be able to document all our babies moments for him while he was away. He wouldn't be home until she was a year old.  I didn't know much about photography, I kept everything on auto, and I was happy when I made a nice photo, but mostly I only cared about being able to capture all the moments I could.  When my husband came home I shared with him that I thought I might enjoy photography, being able to capture special moments for others. He said he thought if I was really serious about it I should go to school for it and really learn all I could about it.  At the time I was going to school in Political Science and was thinking about being a lawyer, this decision was a big career switch for me.  I thought maybe I would just go to a few classes just to learn what I needed to to be able to work my camera well, and after my first class I was hooked.  I had some amazing teachers & mentors who guided me and supported me along the way. 

I am a big believer in keeping a journal and documenting all the moments I can, too often a moment passes by so quickly and it's gone, and all we have left is what we recorded about it-the photos we captured.  When my father died 8 years ago, I became even more passionate about recording memories, the lack of photos I have with him makes me wish I had known the importance of documenting all the moments I can.  Life is swift and goes quickly.  When our loved ones are gone, they are all we have to look back on and remember them by.

I had an opportunity to work at Icon health and Fitness for almost 4 years and this is where my love for commercial photography came into play.  I loved seeing how lighting created an image. I loved working on big productions. I learned from some very talented photographers and videographers all about running a commercial shoot and what to look for.  I love seeing a product come together from start to finish and working with a team. I had the opportunity to travel and learn all aspects of the commercial industry.

Now I am a freelance photographer and have loved making my own hours and working on different projects, from marketing images for Intermountain Healthcare, USU distance Education, Law firms, Doctors in your community, various magazines, and working on personal interest projects like dancers in nature.  I also love getting to know the families I get the opportunity to photograph and the brides and grooms I absolutely fall in love with.

Life has been a fun roller coaster of experience for me the past few years and I hope you will be a part of my adventure this next year!