Family// Jack and ShaMayne // Till we meet again…

I never knew a time without Jack being part of my life.  He was there before I was even born.  It was always Jack and ShaMayne. He blessed me as a baby.  He and ShaMayne took me in every summer and off my parents hands so they could work with their 9 other children who were still home, and my grandparents who lived with them, my grandmother needing much care with her alzheimers. 

I loved to visit ShaMayne and Jack because they had babies for me to play with and spend time with, and I loved the babies.  I also very much loved every moment I could spend with Jack in the yard working, or singing songs with him while he played the guitar. Or watching Star Wars or Pride and Prejudice. John Denver became one of my very favorite singers from spending so much time singing the songs with Jack.  Jack knew how to listen, and he knew how to give gentle guidance and correction.  He was always so inspired in what to say and how to say it. He didn’t rush the process and would sit with you until you understood what you needed to.

I always knew he loved me.  He was always like a second father.  I've never really considered him an "in-law" because he has been in the family longer then me.  He's just always been there. Always and forever has been brother to me. Imaging life without him is very difficult. The future family get togethers where we won’t hear his guitar playing or hear his gentle voice singing. The tickles he gave to everyone. (It was a tender mercy that the last day I got to see him, was his last good day, and even though he was on Morphine, he was in a good mood, and he knew who I was, and he even reached over and tickled me when I hugged him goodbye.) We will miss the wisdom he shared with us and the time he’d put aside when we needed someone to talk to. I texted him more then once with things that were bothering me, and he’s always get back to me and explain and talk until I could feel better and understand. I loved how much he loved my sister and how good he was to her. He was so gentle with her, you could always see how much he adored her. He loved to give her gifts and surprises, and he was the most respectful, loving husband to her.

I will miss him so much. My life has been blessed to have known him my WHOLE life. My life was blessed because he was in it. He left a wonderful legacy behind.

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Till we meet again…

Karissa + Weston Wedding day // Salt Lake Temple Wedding // Utah Wedding Photographer

He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He said it's the greatest day - which is his standard answer to everyday. He says everyday he is alive is a great day. After being in a bad accident and in a coma for 10 days, he takes every moment of life and lives it with happiness and energy. She was content to be by his side and hold his hand and lay her head against him.

Halie + Spencer Bridals// Tony Grove // Utah Wedding Photographer

I’ve been so far behind on my blogging. It got to busy season, and every spare moment I’ve spent with family, soaking up what little time we have with those we love. When you are losing someone you love, priorities really change. But I’ve photographed some wonderful beautiful couples this year, and I don’t want to not share them, so better late then never!

Cheyenne + Alec// Mountain Engagements // Utah Wedding Photographer

They met through a mutual friend, and they knew each other for two years before they started dating. On their wedding day it marked two years since they started dating. It took them a little while to finally kiss even though their friends kept telling them to just do it! She went on a vacation and while gone she thought about it and decided she wanted to kiss him after all, so when she got back, she kissed him and the rest is history! They were so much fun to photograph for their engagement session and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.

Letters to Dad...11 years


I thought about you today, and for a moment looked at the phone to call you.  I wanted to tell you what I was struggling with right now.  I knew you'd have the right words to say.  And that you'd end them with "but do whatever you want, you are going to anyway."  But at least I wanted to hear what you had to say.  I was mad for a minute dad.  When I realized there would be no answer on the other side of the phone I felt mad.  I'm mad you are gone.  But mostly behind that mad is really really sad.  And missing.  Because sometimes dad.  I'm lonely.  And sometimes dad, I feel really lost.  And you always made me feel like I was home.  It's been a long time since I felt that. 

I wonder if you are playing music. Playing your violin, viola, or the flute.  If you watch me make mistake after mistake.  I make so many. If you see when I succeed.  I wonder if you are happy, or if you miss us.  Do you feel frustrated for us?  Sad for us? Do you ever wish you were here? In the quiet moments of our struggles here are you behind us, supporting us, lifting us? I look up at the sky and I wonder when I will feel whole again.

Today is 11 years since you left this world behind. 11 years of missing you. It feels more like a lifetime. If I knew the short years I would get to spend with you, there are some things I would have done differently. A lot differently.

I would have stayed home and not moved out as soon as I could when I turned 18. I would have understood that my time with you was short, and that I would have plenty time away from home later. I would have skipped out on all the time I spent away from home thinking friends and boyfriends were more important.

I would have listened to you more when you talked instead of thinking I knew better. I would have asked you more questions about YOU. And cared what your life looked like through your eyes.

I would have given up time with my friends to go on more trips and date nights with you. I would have spent soooo many more days singing with you.

I would have worked harder to make you more proud of me.

I would have taken naps with you under trees and gone on more Sunday drives with you.

I wouldn’t have fought with you that one time. You know when. I would have just stopped my words from coming out. I would have loved you more.

I would have held you longer that last time I hugged you goodbye.

But with all the things I wish had done different dad, there are so many things I’d never change. All those church girls basketball games you came to watch me play. All my dance competitions you hated coming to but still did, and cheered the loudest even if it embarrassed me in a proud way a little bit. All the times you let me dance on your feet and sang “I was waltzing with my darlin”. That time you told me I couldn’t go to that one party. The only time you told me no. Thanks dad. You knew. The time you told me you told the whole office how proud I made you. The times you took me to the university with you after I begged and begged even though I never let you get your work done. All the bags of skittles you bought me and would bring me home from work. All the rides on the lawn mower while you sang me songs. I’m sure I slowed down the work for you. You never said anything about it. The Sunday walks and every time you told me you loved me.

Dad, it’s going to be ok. We will be ok. But we will never stop missing you. Every day.

Mountain Engagements //Utah Engagements // Utah Weddings

Lacee and Samuel met on Mutual (an online dating app) and after doing this shoot its super easy to see that the feelings are DEFINITELY mutual! :) They had their first date at Firehouse Pizza, and Lacee said she knew he was a good one when she choked on her pasta and he still liked her after that! They are such a cute couple and naturals in front of the camera! He was so sweet and romantic with her and she had no problem flirting back with him and just being super fun. They were even adventurous enough to get in the water and splash around at the end of the shoot! Happy wedding day you two!! So excited for you and all the great adventures that await!

Sol + Melissa Solorio Maternity // Utah birth story photographer // birth stories

They were unsure how the shoot would go at first, they had not had a formal shoot together before. But by the end of our shoot they said it was so easy and that I made it fun and easy for them. They asked if I did birth stories but I was so sad I’d be in Tennessee on a job when she was due. They were so cute together and I loved how he would keep complimenting her and wanted to just keep kissing her. He was gentle with her and got a shy smile everytime I had them do a romantic pose together, you could tell how much they love being together.


Sam Engagements 2018//Engagement Photographer// Southern Utah

I met Sam through Ashton~ they worked together at Nucor and I knew I liked her before I met her , since she was good at giving Ashton a hard time and keeping up with his dry humor. When we did their engagement session we had so much fun, they were adventurous and fun and up for anything I wanted them to do. We had dinner after and it was fun to get to know the two of them together and hear their story. Read it below!

from Samantha:

We met through classy ol' Tinder, he asked me out, I hesitated and waited a year to respond. Oops! But during that time I was still trying to figure things out with an ex and didn't want to mess things up with TC if they were to go well. He finally decided to try again and ask me out (April 2015). After that, we spent the entire summer just having a blast, camping, visiting National Parks, going to concerts, motorcycle rides, anything Utah had to offer. That October TC deployed for 7 months. During that time he got orders to Los Angeles and he asked me to go with him. Crazy enough, I agreed and was able to move down to my new job while he was still away. He moved down May 2016 and we started our new life together, including our "child," my very spoiled dog Roxee that he took right in and all of our bad habits. After a couple years of dating, I was really pestering him (probably my family even more) if there would ever be "the next step" but I also pressured that I wanted to be clueless about the proposal and be a complete surprise. I of course was the worst and thought every special date was "the date," including the fancy steakhouse on the cruise, the brunch boat trip for my birthday and anytime we went to Disneyland (which was often with the annual passes I made him get me for moving down here). Thanksgiving 2018 we decided to get out of the city for the holiday since we weren't able to make it to family's. We first spent a couple days in Death Valley (actually a lot more pretty than the name says) and then went over to Monterey. The whole trip we stayed in our snowmobile trailer converted to camper (aka it had a bed and fridge, nothing else lol). Friday night we decided to go down to Cannery Row and have a nice dinner by the water. What we didn't realize was it was their big Christmas Tree lighting event and literally got out of the car as the whole town was counting down. So least to say it was chaos. We thankfully found a place right on the water and enjoyed a nice dinner. Then we decided we would go find a place for dessert or a drink. Shockingly all the dessert places were closed even though it was only 8 pm! Me, being lazy me, decided we should just go back to the trailer to watch a movie and eat leftover pumpkin pie. Immediately once we got inside, I put on my PJs and got up on the bed (over the gooseneck). TC kept asking me to do everything (serve the pie, pick out a movie, set up the TV) trying to get me off the bed (I was clueless!). He even asked if I needed to go the bathroom. Finally the dog decided to jump off the bed and I got up after her to turn off the light and get her back up. TC jumps up immediately and says, "Wait I need the light on!" and hits the switch. I turn around to ask why and there he was on his knee and quickly blurted, "Will you marry me!" I was so shocked/confused, I grabbed the ring out of his hand and was like, "Really?". Then it hit me what was going on and he repeated himself and I said yes (obviously). He later explained that his whole plan was to ask at dinner and he had carried the ring around all evening but between me, the town events, and being placed next to the "to-go" counter at the restaurant, nothing felt right and he knew he better just ask before I figured it out. Since then, it's been a crazy year of planning the wedding while figuring out our careers and future.


Maternity Photographer Garden Maternity Session // Family photographer

I can’t tell you how sad I am that this family moved!! I have loved photographing them over the years and I’m so glad that before they left, I was able to photograph them one last time for their maternity session. It was so tender, sweet, and I’m gonna miss them like crazy! Wonderful people. Great hearts. So happy for them and their new baby!

Dani + Nick Wedding // Le Jardin // Garden Wedding

The sweetest part of the wedding is when they played “Somewhere over the rainbow” during the first dances, for Dani’s brother who passed away, and Nicks uncle who also passed away that year. There was such a tender feeling in the room. What a beautiful day it was.

Breanne + Derek Miller Birth story // Logan Utah Birth Story // Birth stories

Right after baby boy was delivered you could tell something wasn't quite right, instead of pinking up, he was getting more and more purple.  They only let Breanne hold him for a moment before taking him over and putting him on a c-pap for air.  And after trying to get a tube down his throat and not being able to, they rushed him to the NICU, only giving Breanne a moment to reach over and touch him.  

Dan Wedding 2018

Absolutely loved this shoot and how stunning the bride looked with her beautiful flower crown! Did you know that in some countries flowers are thought to be a symbol of love, good luck, and prosperity? Some cultures even believe that when a bride wears flowers in her hair she will be blessed with happiness in her home. How perfectly fitting! So happy for this beautiful couple! Wishing you many days filled with the happiest memories!

Utah family photographer // Extended Family photographer // Reunion Photographer

The older I get the more I realize just how important family is.  The more I want the "younger generation" to realize how important family is.  And the more I realize that as the "younger generation, I never listened much to what the "older generation" had to say.  I thought I knew best.  Now what I wouldn't give back to GO back.  To be young again, and spend so much more time with my loved ones.  With my dad.  With my siblings.  And eat up every moment and memory I can.  It's a blink of the eye and it's gone.  Replaced with time.  And it only gets busier and busier as the years go by.  At the end, family is what matters most.

Nikki + Ethan Bridals // Utah Wedding Photographer // Mountain Bridals

We waited and waited but still they didn't show up and we had no cell coverage.  After 40 minutes of waiting, I could see that Ethan was getting really nervous.  He was a little fidgity and kept looking around everywhere.  The easy going smile he always has, had been replaced by a look of concern.  At one point he crouched down and put his head in his hands.  I asked if he wanted me to say a prayer with him.  I heard an audible sigh from his mouth as he shook his head yes….

Ashely Jackson Family

Jake's mom Karalee was one of my favorite people in Newton growing up.  She made me and the others my age laugh all the time.  She was fun, funny, energetic, and loved us.  I've surely missed her since I moved away from my hometown.  This son of hers was just a little guy when I moved, and it was fun to go take photos of his little family and see him as a father.  He is so tender and sweet with his wife and baby, it was fun to see. It's so crazy how the years go by!

Karissa + Weston // Mountain Bridals // Utah Wedding Photographer

Weston was in a bad accident that almost took his life.  He was in a coma for 10 days, lost eyesight in one eye, the sense of smell, and walked away learning never to take life for granted….

Nikki + Ethan // Falling in love quickly // Utah Engagement Photographer

This girl is near and dear to my heart.  She's more of a sister then a niece.  She lived with my mom and dad off and on from the time I was 15 to when I moved out at 18.  She was my little shadow and I loved to play with her.  She even came to school on the bus with me a couple times when my parents were out of town.  She was a darling baby and always so happy.  It's bittersweet to me that she is getting married this week.  On one hand I am so happy for her happiness and that she's found the best guy for her.  And on the other hand it's another realization at how quickly life is slipping through my fingers.  The years keep going and I can't slow them down any. 

Loren & Jamie Peck // Logan Utah // Family Photographer

My fall schedule is about full.  If you are a last minute planner like me and still need to get those family photos scheduled, send me a message and let's get you on the books.  It's one of my very favorite times of the year for photos, it's gorgeous, crisp, and boot and hot chocolate season is my very favorite ever!  So let's go play together!